German clients visit the factory, initiating new cooperation in metal processing

German clients visit the factory, initiating new cooperation in metal processing


As a leading company in the machining industry, UnionTech CNC Machinery today welcomed customers from Germany to visit its factory. The purpose of the visit was to inspect the production progress of gantry and horizontal machining centers and to understand the status of machine production.


During the tour, the customers gained insights into the working principles and technical features of gantry and horizontal machining centers. They engaged in in-depth discussions with the company's engineers and technical staff, exploring issues such as machine performance, precision, and application scope. The customers expressed deep impressions of UnionTech's technical strength and production capacity, showing confidence in future cooperation prospects.

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In addition to observing the machine production progress, the customers also had the opportunity to visit the factory's production lines and processes. They highly praised of our company production management and quality control system, expressing willingness to deepen cooperation and mutual development.

The responsible person of our factory stated that the visit of the customers is a recognition of the company's technical strength and product quality, as well as an important opportunity to further deepen cooperation. The company will continue to strengthen cooperation with international customers, continuously improve product quality and service levels, and provide customers with higher-quality machining solutions.