Horizontal Lathes
Widened high stability bed, Four-speed speed change of main shaft, stepless frequency conversion speed regulation, Widened carriage, Automatic centralized lubrication, Overall bed
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CNC Lathe Features:


Widened high stability bed

Four-speed speed change of main shaft, stepless frequency conversion speed regulation

Widened carriage

Automatic centralized lubrication

Overall bed


CNC Lathe use:

The machine tool is automatically controlled by the CNC system to perform carious kinds of turning of inner holes, outer circled surfaces, arc surfaces, and threads, simple programming, high precision and other advantages.

Main Technical DataCK61125CK61140CK61150
Maximum turning diameter of the bed(mm)Φ1250Φ1400Φ1500
Maximum turning diameter on the pallet(mm)Φ850Φ1000Φ1100
Maximum processing length(mm)1500/2000/30001500/2000/30001500/2000/3000
Spindle drive formFourth GearEight high and low speedsEight high and low speeds
Spindle speed seriesNoneNoneNone
Spindle speed30-84/53-15/125-350/300-83530-84/53-15/125-350/300-83530-84/53-15/125-350/300-835
Spindle head formD11D11D11
Spindle hole front taperMetric 120 1:20Metric 140 1:20Metric 140 1:20
Spindle through hole diameter(mm)105/130105/130105/130
Main motor power11/1518/2218/22
X/Z axis positioning accuracy0.025/0.030.025/0.030.025/0.03
X/Z axis repeat positioning accuracy(mm)0.01/0.0150.01/0.0150.01/0.015
Workpiece machining accuracy(mm)IT6-IT7IT6-IT7IT6-IT7
Work surface roughnessRa1.6Ra1.6Ra1.6
X fast moving speed400040004000
Z fast moving speed600060006000
Tailstock sleeve diameter100160160
Tail sleeve inner hole taperMT6MT100MT100
Tailstock sleeve movement250300300
Tool holder formMotorized 4-stationMotorized 4-stationMotorized 4-station
Tool holder maximum stroke X/Z40*4040*4040*40
Machine dimensions3700/4200/4700*2000*22004250/4750/5250*2300*25004600/5100/6100*2300*2600
Machine weight5.1/6.0/7.28.0/9.0/10.58.3/9.5/11.0

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