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方格.pngFeatures of EDM machine

1. LIN multi -task operating system, switch the interface at will during processing, and adjust the discharge parameters at will.

2. There is a corresponding operation guidance instructions for each function page.

3. Support 8 -axis operation.

4. Minimum resolution 0.1 μm

5. Best smoothness 0.07 μm

6. Maximum processing mirror area, 0 60 (can be used for acceptance standards).

7. LAN oral transmission can expand the functions of generating measures, automation of robotics, mobile phone monitoring and other functions.

8. 400 historical operations, mechanical and electrical file packs can be checked for each other, and backup is exported.

9. Multi -digit can also process complicated processing methods such as mirroring, side -by -side, and oblique teeth without NC programs.

10.NC: Multi -purpose automation, programming processing, macro -in operation.

11. Automatically divide (63 coordinates at the same time).

12 U -axis eccentric correction (solve different problems).

13. Electrical correction (solve the problem of machinery, rough workers, and solve different sizes).

14. The coordinates are not hidden, at a glance, 64 coordinates.

15. Two ways of modulus, discharge/perception of mold.


SpecificationUnitCNC-1260Electric control box specificationUnitT750
X/Y/Z axis working strokemm1200*600*450Maximum processing currentA75
Working oil groove volumemm2000*1300*600Best surface smoothnessμm0.13
Workbench specificationmm1380*860Minimum electrode%0.1
The distance between the electrode head and the workbenchmm500-950Fastest processingmm³/min800
Maximum electrode loadkg200net weightkg350
Maximum workbench loadkg4000Power (single electric box)kw15
Net weightkg6000physical dimensionmm550*1800*1950

方格.png Samples

Scope of application: alloy, copper, aluminum, graphite, tungsten steel, white steel, iron, etc., processing high -precision parts and mold products.

EDM sample.png

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